Nail Care Instructions


Nail Application Instructions

For the best results & lasting wear of our Press on nails, proper preparation and application is very important! Here are some tips and info to help you use our nail sets

​Each of our nail sets comes with a nail file, nail tabs, a mask and a FREE GIFT! 

Nail Glue is not provided but Nail Tabs are included with each order! 

1. Prep your nails by cleaning them with gentle soap and water. 

2. Make sure they are dry, than file the top bed gently to remove any shine. This will help the glue adhere better. 

3. Apply the glue onto the top of your nail and press the nail down in place. Hold for 5 seconds. 

4. Repeat with all nails


Nail Removal Instructions

 1. Get some acetone/nail removal liquid and dip a Q-tip into it. 

2. Take the Q-tip and go along the base of the press on nail or in-between any lifting of the nail that you can see. Put desired amount of liquid onto the nail. 

Do this 2-5 times before attempting to remove the nails. 

3. Take a flat ended nail tool and gently try to lift each press on nail from the side edges in an in-ward and up-ward position until the nail pops off. 

4. Repeat for each nail. 

TIP: You can re-use these nails if you take care of them after by simply cleaning the underside of the nail with a file or professional nail filer